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Your home for holistic health consultations. We are here to teach, guide, and empower you to create your best path to improved health and wellness. We offer comprehensive services that assess your foundations of health and provide specific tools and strategies for meeting and exceeding your health goals.

Who Benefits from Sessions at Hart Healthy?

  • People who have tried several medical doctors and traditional approaches to getting well, and they aren’t seeing the desired results.
  • People who want to develop healthy lifestyles and habits, but they don’t know where to start.
  • People who suffer from energy deficiencies and digestive problems.
  • People who want a cost-effective and comprehensive approach to overall wellness.
  • People who wish to explore the emotional roots of their physical illnesses with a seasoned therapist, in a safe, supportive environment.
  • About Hart Healthy Consulting, LLC

    Hart Healthy Consulting is the labor of love of Laurel Hart, DHP, CNHP, ND An alternative medicine fan for her own health and wellness journey, she emerged from a 20-year career in Clinical Social Work as a Psychotherapist to pursue her most recent endeavors in Natural Health Care (Naturopathy), Digestive Health and Enzyme Therapy. She has a serious passion for helping people find the root cause of their issues and works with them to develop a plan to take them from where they are now to where they want to be. Her skill set is widely applicable for many client goals such as achieving a healthy weight, healing with whole food nutrition, stress reduction, and more!


    At Hart Healthy Consulting, LLC, you will find 4 distinct pathways, each with their own unique tools you can use to define your best path in life. Click on a path to get started today!
    Health & Wellness Education and Consulting

    Health & Wellness Education and Consulting

    In a consultation at Hart Healthy Consulting, LLC, I focus on YOU! Your health, your goals, and what you need to know in order to reach those goals. I have a ton of fun tools and modalities to teach you. Some of these you will be able to acquire and use on your own for your health and wellness journey. Others, you will find here, and I will be honored to share with you when you become a client of my practice. Currently, you can find me educating and helping clients by using Digestive Health screenings, enzyme therapy, essential oils, whole food nutrition, food journal reviews, Bach Flower Essences, Reams testing (think pH balancing,) carefully curated supplementation, and Reiki sessions.

    Sessions can take place in my office, in a face-to-face appointment. Or, if you and several of your friends want to learn more about a topic-like safe, organic skincare, for example, I can design a small group workshop just for you.

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    Testing Services-End the Guesswork

    Testing Services-End the Guesswork

    An efficient and effective way to know where to start correcting health issues is by utilizing testing to clarify the root cause of your concerns or symptoms. Several types of testing are available for purchase and interpretation at Hart Healthy; including, but not limited to Saliva Hormone testing, Urine testing, digestive health screening, palpation exams (36 stress points on the body that clients can learn about to know more about their digestive and nutritional status), food allergy testing, Vitamin D testing, environmental toxin testing

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    Financial Coaching

    Financial Coaching

    If you don’t know where your money is going, or you are drowning in debt, how do you expect to be healthy? The stress of financial uncertainty is a daily drain for many. At Hart Healthy Consulting, LLC, I can teach you how to assess your financial situation, set your goals, work your way through debt, and dream productively about your future. Services provided in a coaching session include: budgeting, debt elimination strategies, wealth building, and how to look at retirement as a number and not an age. Remember, if you don’t tell your money where to go, you’ll always wonder where it went!

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    Holistic Psychotherapy

    Holistic Psychotherapy

    As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), I have been conducting psychotherapy sessions for over 20 years. I have the gift of rapport-building, and many clients report improvement in their presenting problem after one or two sessions. I have had clients that work with me for a few sessions, and others who work through a myriad of issues over extended periods of time. I come from a holistic approach, meaning I encourage clients to look at their whole being and what they need to progress. If you have an issue or event that is causing you distress, believe me, it’s not all in your head! Many factors could be in play during your time of struggle. We can sort it out for you in a discreet and confidential therapeutic environment. Our initial session may last around 75 minutes. Follow-up sessions are generally an hour. I have a fee-for-service practice, and do not bill insurance any longer. Generally, I see adults in individual sessions. Teens and couples are seen on a case-by-case basis.

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    I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family & the world is a healthy you.

    - Joyce Meyer

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    What our happy customers say
    I have lived most of my life thinking constipation was normal. I have tried suggested foods, juices, and drinking more water. Most of the suggestions did not help. Some of the recommendations tasted so terrible, that I decided being irregular was better than some of the options. After consulting with Laurel Hart, I had a better understanding of what could be causing my body to have such difficulty digesting my food. She taught me about Digestive Enzymes. I decided to try them, not really expecting them to help. I am happy, and “relieved”, to say that they have helped with being more regular.

    Teresa H.

    I had already made great progress in my health and wellness journey, but Laurel helped me fine-tune things with Enzyme Therapy, nutrition strategies, and natural products that brought me closer to my goal. She is easy to talk to, and offers me new perspectives in a respectful and informative way. She regards this journey as a process, and I know I can always consult with her again at any point along the way.

    Janet D.

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