Shall We Talk? Holistic Psychotherapy 

Prior to delving into the Natural Health Professional program that I attended in 2014, I was a Licensed Clinical Social Worker providing psychotherapy to individuals and couples. I had been providing psychotherapy services in a variety of settings since 1996. I was discouraged though, by those who were under the care of a physician and they weren’t improving on their antidepressants; so, they got put on additional medications. I have since made it part of my mission to learn how to help people find the root cause of all their health issues; whether mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical in nature.

I love working in the therapy room with clients who are trying to sort out their own best path to improved mental, emotional, and relational health. I know that therapy works, and the fundamental root of success lies in the therapist-client rapport.  Good rapport is part of the “art” of good therapy. And yes, while the science shows that therapy works, we cannot discount that success is due to the “art” of it all. 

While I don’t accept health insurance plans, I do have reasonable rates for an hour of psychotherapy. If you want an experienced, holistic therapist who is dedicated to your transformation process, please contact me.

How Healthy are Your Finances?

Once upon a time, we were making too much money to be as broke as we were. We allowed our student loans to take up residence in our home-like they were guests in our guestroom. We had several credit cards and fell for the “12 months-same-as-cash” deal time and again.

…and then…Dave Ramsey happened to our lives, and (fortunately) we were never the same!

That was in 2004. Several years later, I had become a raving Dave Ramsey fan and simply obsessed with his company.  In 2010, I became an official Dave Ramsey Company trained Financial Coach.  

But enough about me…How does this apply to you?  Well, if you’re “normal,” you’ve probably been sold a load of bunk about debt and taken it on like a rite of passage into adulthood. However, financial problems and debts are stressful. The inability to manage money and live on less than you make has an enormous impact on peoples’ stress levels and can negatively impact health.  

At Hart Healthy Consulting, LLC, you can receive support, coaching, and tools for learning how to manage your finances, make a realistic budget, and get out of debt. If you are out of debt, what’s next? Let’s plan for your best path into wealth building and the retirement years. 

Why Guess When You Can Test?

Welcome to my second blog post!  I am excited to share with you the second way we help you define your best path.

Are you overwhelmed by the sheer number of health and wellness products out there? Me, too! Do they help? How do you know what you need? Do you have food allergies? How would you even know? Well…in my practice, we have a test for that. In consultation with me at Hart Healthy, you will learn about the world of nutritional and metabolic testing. How are you digesting your food? Do you have an enzyme deficiency? What are your hormone levels? Is there a neurotransmitter deficiency? And what about environmental toxins impacting your health? Oh my!

When you decide you are ready for answers, you will be able to purchase self-directed tests for a myriad of health concerns. Then you will know where things stand, and together, we can chart a path to improving your health status. Check out the testing options offered right here.

So…what is it that YOU do???

So…what is it that YOU do??? (Also emphasized like this:  WHAT do you do? What DO you do? And finally…What is it that you DO?)

Hi there! My name is Laurel Hart and I am the owner of Hart Healthy Consulting, LLC, and I get asked that…a lot!  While I can acknowledge that I don’t easily articulate that one thing that I do, it is because I can offer so many ways for my clients to define their best path in life. 

In this first blog post for the new website (I know…I know…finally…), I will share about the Health & Wellness Education and Consulting division of Hart Healthy Consulting, LLC.  

If you are not living your best life and not getting the results you’d expect from your diet, exercise, or supplements, we can help. If you are curious about the food and supplements you are consuming, and don’t know if you are “doing it right,” we can help. If your digestive system is giving you fits, we can help. If conventional medical treatment has not brought you the results you desire, we can help. If you’ve heard that this essential oil, or that Bach Flower essence, or hemp oil will help, but you don’t know where to start, we can help. That’s really all you need to know!  

The services available in the Health & Wellness Education and Consulting pathway are delivered in person, online, 1:1, or in groups.  The brick and mortar location is on the east side of Evansville, IN. Contact us! We’d love to help in any way we can.