Hart Healthy Consulting is the labor of love of Laurel Hart, DHP, CNHP, ND  An alternative medicine fan for her own health and wellness journey, she emerged from a 20-year career in Clinical Social Work as a Psychotherapist to pursue her most recent endeavors in Natural Health Care (Naturopathy), Digestive Health and Enzyme Therapy. She has a serious passion for helping people find the root cause of their issues and works with them to develop a plan to take them from where they are now to where they want to be. Her skill set is widely applicable for many client goals such as achieving a healthy weight, healing with whole food nutrition, stress reduction, and more!

Laurel earned her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Michigan in 1986.  After marrying her college sweetheart, and having a brief stint in LaGrange, GA, they moved to Evansville, Indiana, where they started their family. Next, Laurel entered the University of Southern Indiana’s Master of Social Work program as a member of their first two-year class in 1994. She became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and earned further distinction as an ACSW.

Her insatiable desire for knowledge, and lifelong love of learning has made it difficult for her to stay out of the classroom. Lately, her focus has been to learn more about how people really get well. Her own struggle with hormone balance, weight and digestive issues, and fibromyalgia (with all their lovely associated symptoms) has given her a true empathy for others. She became frustrated watching people get swallowed up by allopathic (conventional) medicine, and come out of that system on multiple medications, to treat multiple diagnoses, but truly no better off health-wise.

Laurel earned her Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP) through Trinity School of Natural Health in July 2014. She has completed both the initial and advanced practitioner seminars from the Food Enzyme Institute in Madison, Wisconsin; earning the certification of Digestive Health Professional (DHP). In December 2018 she completed her Naturopathic Doctorate designation (ND) from Trinity. Most recently, she completed training on a biocommunication device called the Zyto Balance. This will enable her to offer even more comprehensive assessment to her clients.

Laurel lives with her husband, Randy, and their dog, Lizzie. Their boys are grown; so, they enjoy traveling to see their kids, and spending time designing an enjoyable and healthy empty nest life.


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