Why Guess When You Can Test?

Welcome to my second blog post!  I am excited to share with you the second way we help you define your best path.

Are you overwhelmed by the sheer number of health and wellness products out there? Me, too! Do they help? How do you know what you need? Do you have food allergies? How would you even know? Well…in my practice, we have a test for that. In consultation with me at Hart Healthy, you will learn about the world of nutritional and metabolic testing. How are you digesting your food? Do you have an enzyme deficiency? What are your hormone levels? Is there a neurotransmitter deficiency? And what about environmental toxins impacting your health? Oh my!

When you decide you are ready for answers, you will be able to purchase self-directed tests for a myriad of health concerns. Then you will know where things stand, and together, we can chart a path to improving your health status. Check out the testing options offered right here.